Centrala alarma, 10 zone, 10 partitii, INIM SmartLiving 1050L

Inim, Smartliving
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SmartLiving 1050L

Centrală de alarmă de generatie noua cu 10 pana la 50 terminale, maxim 100 zone pe 10 partitii

Placa de baza echipata cu:

  • 10 terminale (10x2 zone) extensibila la 50, 10 partitii
  • 1 iesire pe releu
  • 2 iesiri PGM
  • Comunicator digital
  • Port RS232 (comunicare cu PC-ul)
  • Posibilitate de conectare prin GSM si TCP/IP

Specificatii tehnice centrala alarma INIM SmartLiving 1050L:

  • Maxim 10 tastaturi JOY
  • Maxim 20 module de extensie Flex5 (necesare pentru marirea zonelor de control si numarului de intrari/iesiri; fiecare modul Felx5 gestioneaza pana la 5 intrari/iesiri)
  • 20 cititoare nBy
  • 20 interfete wireless Air2-BS100 (maxim 50 detectoare wireless și 100 telecomenzi)
  • 50 coduri de utilizator
  • 100 cartele de proximitate
  • Memorie 500 evenimente

Include cutie metalică mare cu sursă 3 A și spațiu pentru acumulator de 17 Ah.


Hardware features
Number of terminals supported by the system 50
Number of terminals available for mapping and relocation 50
Terminals on motherboard (configurable as inputs or outputs) 10 (5)
Programmable relay on motherboard 1
Number of programmable open-collector outputs on motherboard 2 (500mA)
Number of partitions available 10
Relay and power-diffusion board (accessory item) Yes
IP Connectivity management (using SmartLAN) Yes
Flex5 expansion board housing Yes
GSM device housing Yes
Power supply 3A
RS232 Port Yes
Power charge monitored by temperature probe (ProbeTh accessory item) Yes
Battery test circuit Yes
Control-panel firmware upgrading capability Yes
Peripheral-firmware upgrading capability via control panel Yes
Enclosure Metal
Battery housing 17Ah
Dimensions (HxLxP) 500x385x95 mm
Weight without battery 5,1 Kg
I-BUS devices
I-BUS peripherals enrolled automatically Yes
Number of Joy and nCode/G keypads supported 10
Number of nBy readers supported 20
Number of Flex5 5-terminal Expansions supported 20
Number of Air2 Wireless Transceivers supported 1
Air2 wireless devices
MC100 Magnetic contacts and/or IR100 PIRs 50
Wireless keyfobs (KF100) 100
Installer access codes 2
Number of user-access codes (can be controlled by timers) 50
Number of nKey Tags or nCards card (can be controlled by timers) 100
Telephone communications
Telephone contact numbers 10
Telephone line check Yes
Automatic voice dialer (SmartLogos30M option, refer to Voice functions) Yes
Integrated automatic digital-dialer Yes
Integrated remote programming modem Yes
Input terminals (zones)
Auto-learning of zone-balance Yes
Zone doubling (each input manages 2 zones) Yes
Input terminals for shock and rollerblind sensors on control panel 2
Number of input terminals for shock and rollerblind sensors on keypad configurable as inputs or outputs 2 (1 on nCode/G)
Number of input terminals for shock and rollerblind sensors on expansion boards configurable as inputs or outputs 4
Programmable input-zone thresholds Yes
Input threshold trimmer Yes
Voice functions on motherboard
Keypad-to-keypad Intercom (Joy/MAX keypads) Yes
Remote Listen-in function with choice of location (Joy/MAX keypads) Yes
Voice functions on SmartLogos30M board (accessory item)  
Automatic-Answephone function (customizable) Yes
Voice-memo slot (one message per Joy/MAX keypad) Yes
Local voice-prompt menu (customizable) Yes
Voice-prompt menu over-the-phone (customizable) Yes
Voice notifier on local keypad (Joy/MAX) Yes
Automatic Voice-dialer Yes
Message recording at Joy/MAX keypads Yes
Message recording from PC (using microphone or .wav) Yes
Message recording from PC (using text-to-speech function) Yes
Other features
Week-to-week timers (each with 5 'exception' periods) for automatic arming and enablement 10
Programmable scenarios (arming configurations) 30
Shortcuts (one-stroke actions) 36
Programmable icons 50
Rolling event buffer 250
Events log filter Yes
Saves compact event details Yes
Manages shortcuts on function keys (12) and on numeric keys (10) on Joy keypads Yes
Shortcuts on LEDs (4) on nBy Readers Yes
Manages Events-Actions matrix Yes
Generates “start of" event-related actions Yes
Generates “end of" event-related actions Yes
Programming software runs under Windows Yes
3-5 zile

Sistem alarma

Tip alarma:
  • Cu fir
  • 6-15 Partitii
  • 16+ Zone
Gama produse:
  • Smartliving

Manual de instalare (SmartLiving_manual_de_instalare.pdf, 15,878 Kb) [Download]

Software de programare, instalare INIM SmatLiving <DOWNLOAD>

Software de programare, instalare INIM Ability <DOWNLOAD>

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